In between Wisconsin and Minnesota all year round. 


I am currently a student at Minneapolis College of Art and Design, working on a BFA in Drawing and Painting, expecting to graduate in May of 2018.

 Feel free to email me at duffycorneliusart (at) gmail (dot) com

 Full resume available upon request.


     I consider myself a painter. Yes, I do more than just paint, but everyone latches onto a label. You can tell anyone that you’re an artist, but you will immediately be asked, “Yeah, but what do you do?” I always have to go on a tangent explaining that I am a painter and what I specifically do. Then, you’re stuck with the lingering feeling of a not so enthusiastic, “Oh.”



So, yes, I am a painter. I primarily work with cement. I use cement as a stand in for impasto/paint. There is an intimacy and a sense of control when mixing the cement in small batches and then applying it with spatulas, smoothing the surface, disrupting it and going over it again. The grayness of the material is calming to me; it is a nice neutral field of color and texture and gives off this softness even though it is this rock-like material. But again, why cement? I do know that it is very industrial, it makes our buildings, it is our roads and sidewalks, it is our floors, but is that all it can be? Cement houses some of the most amazing street art but it is still refused to be seen as high art. I want to bring this under-appreciated and overlooked material into the fine art scene and give it it’s own space.


            Why found image and text? I’ll tell you why. I used to spend hours and hours with my mom at our dining room table, talking and making collage pieces on light switch covers or picture frames. This act of making has been engrained into my being forever. I want to take these found pieces of information and create my own voice with them, which is somewhat contemporary and millennial of me since we live in a time where everything is taken apart visually or contextually and then configured in a different way to say something else. I want to combine hard or graphic image/text with this soft yet industrial (and still manmade) cement to combine two aspects of our very manufactured lives. Even though the information has been predetermined, I fragment it in a way that it will become my own by my choices and personal experience. The connections I make between the image and text will then say something new and give the piece it’s own personality, its own sense of life, my sense of life. I use this language, I piece together in a minimal way because I do not feel that everything has to be filled or oversaturated with information, this aspect makes your mind slow down and think, what are these connections? What does the information say in this field of grayness? I want to convey an emotional response to something so little.





Work on view at Jake’s Pizza – Green Bay, Green Bay, WI, 2014 – Present


Sentimentalism, Squirrel Haus Arts, Minneapolis, MN, April 2017


Phoenix on the River Exhibition, Phoenix On the River, Minneapolis, MN, March 2017 – August 2017


Barnes & Thornburg Exhibition, Capella Tower, Minneapolis, MN, September 2016 – January 2017


The Foundation Drawing Exhibition, Minneapolis College of Art and Design, Minneapolis, MN, 2015


International Baccalaureate Visual Art Exhibition, Ralph Holter Lobby, Green Bay, WI, 2014





Patricia Kennedy Crump Merit Scholarship, Minneapolis College of Art and Design, 2017


George Kress Youth Award: Visual Art, Kiwanis International Club of Green Bay, 2014